SCOM - No IIS Alerts for selected webservers

I have 10 web servers that is used for test & dev purposes, the challenge is that I still want to be able to represent these servers with their associated websites on a dashboard however I want to suppress alerting for any website being created on these web servers.

Therefore I will have a nice dashboard showing all of the Test & Dev servers with their associated websites (UP/Down). The only time I should get an alert is when there are Windows Server issues i.e. Disk, Memory and CPU issues or when IIS has stopped

Would i create a Group of all my Test Web Servers then create an override on the IIS class to suppress alerting?

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That’s exactly the approach I’ve used in the past. Using the MPViewer tool can make this much easier, as it allows you to look at all of the alert generating monitors and rules in a management pack (IIS in your case) and decide what you want to override.

OverrideCreator (same link) can make this much easier, but just be aware you’ll probably have to create overrides for several different classes (IIS Role, Website, App Pool).

Hope that helps!