SCOM Overrides: Health State vs Alert Sverity

Hi there. I’m messing around with the URLGenie MP and I have a website being monitored that fired an alert due to the SSL cert coming up for renewal. I override the monitor to fire a warning instead of an alert. However, the health state for the overall site is still showing red (critical). I thought the rollup for the health would reflect the severity of the underlying alerts so the site health state should be warning and not critical.

What am I doing wrong here?

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The alert severity and the monitor health are different.

In the monitor configuration, can you set the health for when the monitor is in an erroneous state?


More info:

Well it seems they are greyed out. Here is what I see:

and to add this is the health state even though the actual alert is a warning:


I think I see the issue.. Alert on State doesn't give me a Warning option:

In the override window, if you scroll down, is there a warning and critical threshold?