SCOM Performance Counters Missing


I have noticed that on some of our SQL servers in SCOM that some Performance counters are not showing in the performance view.


For example: MSSQL on Windows: Transactions created/sec will show on some server in scom but on on others, but when you log into the servers and check perfmon on each server they all have the counter.

Does anyone have any ideas on how i can resolve this?

Hi Steven,

It could be that SCOM is not collecting the data from the servers, or is failing to store it in the DW. You may want to check if there is any override in place for the collection rule for a set of servers. You should also check if there are any related events in the Operations Manager event log on the servers in question.


Turned out to be an issue of having the agents connected to 2 management groups, once i disconnected from one , all appeared in the other