SCOM PowerShell based monitor stops running after a while

Hello, I currently use SCOM 1801 and it works generally fine. Recently I created a monitor that is supposed to be disabled by default and enabled only on a specific server (using an override).
This monitor simply check if a specific file exist on target server, and in case it exists, it reads it and sets an alert showing in the alert the content of the file.
It is supposed to run every 10 minutes, but after the first time it runs (correctly), it simply stops to run forever. And also resetting the alert status (created the first time it runs) result in the script stopping to be executed.
The script has no errors (I enabled the transcript, and everything is fine) so there is nothing preventing it from running, but for some strange reason it is executed just one time.
Anyone has or had the same issue ?


I think you will need to do advanced analysis of the workflow. The following links can help

Once you get the details of the workflow then you will probably find your culprit or at least point you in the right direction!


You say it runs one time only. Does it run the first time you start the machine/restart monitoring agent? Does it matter if the result of the monitor is error or healthy the first time it runs?

Hi, first of all thanks for answering :slight_smile:
The monitor runs just after any change in the code. And the result makes no difference.

Thanks for the links ! Very useful :slight_smile: I will check them for sure.