SCOM Report Definitions

Bit of a strange request but our reporting team is looking to pull information from several SC locations and pull them together for reports for management. Looking to see if we can find where the canned reports in SCOM are stored to use them as a guide for them for building their reports or a link to something showing the tables in scom and what is stored where would be helpful.

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As noted by Jelly above you can find them all on SCOM’s reporting server - they are just standard SQL reports (the only SCOM specific part is the input parameter control files which provide a better UI for selecting SCOM objects than just having to know GUIDS all the time).

On your second point, the SCOM report authoring guide has a wealth of information and sample reports so may be just what you need - don’t worry that it’s all referencing 2007, nothing has changed in that time.

Overview :

DW Schema:

Hope that helps!

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The reports should be stored on the reporting server. To determine the reporting server, you can go to Administration > Settings > Reporting

This will give you the URL for your reporting instance and hopefully your guys will know what to do from there (because I’m afraid I don’t!).