SCOM - SNMP Discovery

We have a Nessus (Tenable) appliance that we would like to monitor via SNMP.

I configured SCOM to do a SNMP discovery Fig 1. / Fig 2.

On the Nessus Appliance I changed the SNMP community string to a non-public community string

I tested this from the SCOM Management Server via a MIB Browser Fig 3. and all works fine however it doesn’t seem to want to discover via SCOM

  • I'm using the same community string specified on the Nesssus Appliance
  • I'm using V2 on Nessus
Has anyone got any ideas as to why it won't discover in SCOM (2012 R2 UR9)

Fig 1.


Fig 2.

Fig 3.

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one thing to note is that if you have in firewalls in place they will need to allow your SCOMM servers access to port 161.

also can you ping the Nesssus Appliance IP address from you SCOMM servers?

good place to check in the scom console to see whats going on when the discovery is running.


I have found the problem

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There is no firewall between SCOM and Nessus - I can run MIB Browser from the SCOM server and get results back however when I try and do a discovery it fails. Does SCOM do something other than an SNMP Walk?

Have you ensured you have configured the network monitoring resource pool members correctly? i.e. if you have two servers, have both had the community string distributed etc

When you run the discovery, can you see anything in the Operations Manager event log on the management server / gateway that is running the discovery?