SCOM Task to test RDP connection

We have a custom rule setup that will alert us when our customers are unable to RDP to a VIP. It is possible to create a SCOM task that will emulate an RDP session so we are able to utilize Squared Up to test the RDP connection instead of the on call having to get their laptop, boot up, vpn, etc.

I know we could run telnet tasks or ping tasks, but im looking for a task that would either display or show a confirmed RDP session connection?


This could be achieved with a script agent task that uses the Remote Desktop ActiveX control to create an RDP session, closes it and logs the results. Your operators could then use this task to check users have RDP access.

Creating a SCOM task:

Scripting the Remote Desktop ActiveX control:


This is great. We have a need within our organisation to check for this.