Sending Email alert for EA Servers

We have built up a bunch of EA applications in Squared up now we would like to send alerts to the owners of those applications when any server in the application triggers an alert. Is there a way to make this happen.

I came across the same issue when I built out all my DAs. While it is possible to set up an alert to go to owners when the DA goes Red, it does not contain the detail regarding which server/alert caused it.

So while it was possible, it would basically only tell the recipient that the DA went red. They would still have to log in and investigate further.

We eventually settled on SquaredUp dashboards as everybody was complaining about getting too many emails anyway, so weren’t taking any notice of them.

Anyone ever figure out a solution? I set up some nice EAs and now devs are asking me how can I get alerted because they rarely come to Squared Up. ha.