Server perspective alert count

Hi there,

I’d like to include an alert count in a server perspective, ideally a line graph of Alerts for that object. Anyone done something similar?

I’m working on altering the Kevin Holman alert count SQL Query that displays total alerts to be object based but thought I’d check in case someone has already done the hard work :slight_smile:



See if this gives you what you are looking for.

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I saw a how too article from squared up on this complete with the queries a few weeks back.

Awesome, thanks Rick I’ll try and hunt it down :slight_smile:

I am searching for it too was on my to do list which ever of us finds it first paste the link to it

Thanks Rick, I realised what i really wanted meant I would have to add a new performance metric for alert count which is too much work right now. This will be a great alternative though :slight_smile: