Server Perspective - An object of class ManagementPackClass with ID

Does anyone know what I need to target for the Server Health Role and Services modules on the AD Perspective added by the Active Directory dashboard pack?

The GUIDS in that pack are 658a687f-46c2-5417-3547-5fbf6c03a829 and c8472479-f7c5-815f-18f0-87b6990e50ff

When going in to edit the widgets, the class isn’t even valid and doesn’t display properly.


Think I just answered my own question:


Server Role Health == (children) (one level) Class: Active Directory Domain Controller Computer Role

Services == (children) (all levels) Class: Active Directory Service Component


Thanks for feeding back that you fixed it. I actually had a similar issue where i’d somehow got these two widgets in an error state and thanks to you posting this I managed to get it up and running again.

Thanks for feeding back that you fixed it yourself and how, this helps others :slight_smile: