Service monitoring


I was wondering if anyone had experience with the use of fragments in MP Studio.

I want to create a lot of service monitors for an application with the fragments method, but when I get an alert from these created monitors, I was not able to run the task ‘start NT service’.

How can I solve this problem?





The default Microsoft task “Start NT Service” targeted to Microsoft.SystemCenter.NTService class.

it means that you have to make sure that a monitor unit target is inherited from Microsoft.SystemCenter.NTService class.


What I do is a discovery of the server with an application installed based on the registry. This is also be done with a fragment in MP Studio. This discovery is targeted to ‘Windows Server Operating System’. Than, I do a monitor targeted to this discovered application class for an application service.

When I see how it is done when using the scom templates for windows service monitoring, I find that also the service is discovered before monitoring and this get than the NTService class.

Sorry, but I’m new to MP authoring. Maybe the use of this fragments is not the right way to do this?