ServiceNow integration -list of incidents scoped to the object you're looking at

I watched the ServiceNow CoffeeBreak webinar which showed how to create a perspective using the WebAPI tile to pull ServiceNow incident information scoped to the actual object you are looking at. (as opposed to simply pulling a list of all incidents)

Per the webinar, I defined this query:


This is supposed to scope the incident to the actual object in SCOM. However this is not working for me. When I use that query I get this error:

“Object reference not set to an instance of an object” (screenshot below)

Obviously the object I am targeting exists in SCOM as I am creating a perspective off of it. -Not sure if the query verbiage is incorrect or if there is anything else I can try…?

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Hi Wilson,

Looks like your query is just a little off! The exact text you must use is:

In your query there is an extra period between netbios and ComputerName.

Be sure to post more questions or make a support ticket with Squared Up if you run into any issues :slight_smile:


-Forgot to thank you for catching that error which solved the issue.

BTW, would you happen to know what the sysparm query should be if we want to query for Unix/Linux/Solaris systems…?

So basically:

sysparm_query{{ ? }}