ServiceNow integration - SCOM 180X

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Is anyone using the ServiceNow integration with SCOM 1801 / 1807 ?


What are you looking to do for integration just dash boarding or having SCOM open tickets in ServiceNow? I am researching having SCOM open tickets in service now.

We use the connector with our SCOM 2012 R2 and hope to test with either 1801/1807 or 2019 within the next few months. I had reached out to ServiceNow a few months back about if they would indicate compatibility with SCOM 18XX soon. They said they were testing it and would update documentation once complete. At this time, it looks like it only lists up to 2016 still if you look at the below link:

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Rick - the integration is to ‘pull’ alerts from SCOM into ServiceNow as incidents/events.

SCOMSquare - I’ve been testing the integration with 1801 over the last day. The initial signs look like it works. I’ve got the ServiceNow MID server communicating successfully with SCOM 1801 and alerts are being sync’d over.

So far so good :o)

Anyone have any update on this and best practices for integrating the two?

I stumbled into this today as I was researching and not sure if it would help make things simpler or not.

sorry for the late reply…

No real update on this really. It was a dev/sandbox environment to simply test that communications between SN - Mid server - and opsmgr 1801 would functional as expected. The test proved successful in the sense that opsmgr alerts were being raised within SN as incidents/events. We didn’t perform any other testing with the SN rules engine or Evanios. I haven’t test driven it, but I believe the rules engine within Evanios is superior to what the native capabilities of SN are.

Hey Speedy - After having this in place for a while, would you say this is a good integration? We’ve talked about setting this up here and I recall the old days of the SCOM > SCSM connector - I don’t want to end up in the same position!