Set page scope in V3

Can anyone tell me where the set page scope option is in V3 when creating a dashboard?

V2 was a very simple case of clicking edit then setting page scope.

Page scope has been superseded by perspectives.

To create a performance perspective for a group:

  1. Search for the group in the search bar
  2. Create the perspective
It’s that simple


I’m not sure how a perspective would help me here given that you can’t create them very quickly. We are trying very hard to move away from V2, but something which took a couple of clicks in V2 becomes an arduous task in V3.


We have a couple of “Generic” dashboards in V2 which have a page scope set which contain your usual performance metrics. These dashboards are used to very quickly understand the performance of a server or group of servers over the last few days. The data is looked at and then business decisions are made accordingly. The next time we use the same dashboard will be to change the page scope for a different group of servers.

How do I do this quickly in V3?

I think I may be missing something here. Performance counters like CPU, Memory etc can’t be found when adding a performance tile.

This isn’t the answer. If I have to use perspective for this then my question is. How do I create a performance perspective for a group of servers?

I have updated my answer above

You can search for groups in the search box at the top right of every page.

  1. Search for the group
  2. Create a new perspective
  3. Add new tile and on the scope you can see “this object”

Once published, the perspective can be found when you find the group. You can also select “Add this perspective to the navigation bar” or view it in perspective mode.

Apologies, I should have also stated that you need to enter “Windows Server” into the class section of the scope.