Setting line graphs to integer

I am using a line graph to show a trend in license usage. This data is retrieved with a script and is written to the SCOM database.

When I render this data in SquaredUp using a line graph it shows the data as a float instead of an integer, which is weird since I only write integer values to the database. This gives the weird values as seen in the below screenshot.
Floating licenses

We have a total of 75 licenses for this product, not 74.56.

Is there a way to force the graph to show integers instead of floats?

This is the code for this tile:

	"_type": "tile/scomperf-as-line-graph",
	"config": {
		"context": {
			"scope": {
				"classId": "",
				"groupId": "220...de1",
				"criteria": ""
		"source": {
			"aggregateValueType": "average",
			"resolution": "auto",
			"timeframe": {
				"type": "inherit"
			"topn": 10,
			"customMetricLabel": true,
			"metricLabel": "",
			"objectname": "XXXYYYZZZ",
			"countername": "XYZ Licenses",
			"instancename": "XYZ | Available Licenses, XYZ | Used Licenses"
		"display": {
			"range": "zero-fit",
			"height": 200,
			"label": "custom",
			"showKey": true,
			"customLabel": "{{key.instance.replace(\"XYZ | \",\"\")}}",
			"enablePointDetails": true
	"description": "Refresh rate: 5 min",
	"title": "XYZ"

If you uncheck the “Show hover details” option in the display panel of the line graph then I believe it should just show the actual datapoint values. It’s showing a predicted intermediate value between two data points, which is why it’s not a whole number. Alternatively there is a Column Graph visualisation in v6.0 that might be an option, because that doesn’t attempt to interpolate values.

Unchecking “Show hover details” changes the “precision” from 2 decimals to a single decimal. Not perfect, but it’s a start at least.

I will have a chat with the team about upgrading to v6.0 and see if we can make the Column Graph work for us.

Thanks for helping out.