Setting up repetitive alert emails

Can I setup alert emails to repeat at specific intervals if the alert has not been acknowledged?

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This is very simple, though you will end up with multiple subscriptions for the same purpose, which isn’t an issue if you’ve got some fairly basic subscriptions.


Configure your channels and your subscribers as normal. When it comes to the subscription, configure your criteria and subscribers as required, but on the Channels page you can see the following box:


Your first subscription should be set up with just “Send notifications without delay”

Your second should be set up with “Delay” and set a delay against it.

You can have separate channels for your 5 minute (change the Subject line to give insight into how long an alert has been waiting), 10 minute and 15 minute alerts.

The criteria can remain on the same, though if you want to, you can set up one final subscription with the “Acknowledged” resolution state and a different channel to say it’s been acknowledged. In my experience though, this can cause more noise than it’s worth.

As a super final step, say you’ve got some people not acknowledging the alerts, set up another sub with the same criteria, different channel and subscriber that goes to management saying “this alert has not been acknowledged in the required time frame”




I use a different way to do this. For instance, we don’t want to miss that a server is down in the middle of an alert storm so we have the following script that runs every hour. It also changes the subject so that the alert contains an “!” to indicate a repeated alert.


Import-Module OperationsManager

$AutomaticServicesStopped = (Get-SCOMAlert | Where-Object {($.ResolutionState -ne 255) -and ($.Name -like “Failed to Connect to Computer”)})
if (!$AutomaticServicesStopped)
{Write-Host “Nothing to do”}
foreach ($service in $AutomaticServicesStopped)
{$service.CustomField1 = “(!)”

Start-SCOMRepeatedAlerts -Verbose

The ($_.Name -like “Failed to Connect to Computer”)}) can be changed to what ever alerts you want to want to repeat alert on. If you only want to target particular machines you can add another filter e.g.

$AutomaticServicesStopped = (Get-SCOMAlert | Where-Object {($.ResolutionState -ne 255) -and ($.Name -like “Logical Disk Free Space is low”) -and ($_.NetBIOSComputerName -like “SQL”)})

You then just need to add a timed rule to trigger this script:

To avoid this also picking up “Acknowledged” you’ll also need to add the resolution state to the filter.