SFB Server 2015/ SCOM set up

Has anyone set up SFB in SCOM?

Ive been following this guide… http://www.garethjones294.com/monitoring-skype-for-business-server-2015-with-scom-2012-r2-scom-2016-watcher-node/ but cannot get passed this part where you are required to create a new trusted application.

New-CsTrustedApplicationPool -Identity “WatcherNodeFQDN” -Registrar “SkypeForBusinessPoolFQDN” -ThrottleAsServer $True -TreatAsAuthenticated $True -OutboundOnly $False -RequiresReplication $True -ComputerFqdn “WatcherNodeFQDN” -Site “SkypeForBusinessSiteName

Can anyone tell me how to set this up?

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i dont think i have the right sytax. what should I be replacing these with? “WatcherNodeFQDN” “SkypeForBusinessPoolFQDN” “SkypeForBusinessSiteName

When I enter what i think is correct i get the error attached


managed to complete the guide :slight_smile:

command that worked.


New-CsTrustedApplicationPool -Identity 'SCOMM serverFQDN -Registrar sfb front end serverfqdn-ThrottleAsServer $True -TreatAsAuthenticated $True -OutboundOnly $False -RequiresReplication $True -ComputerFqdn 'SCOMM serverFQDN -Site “site name

site name can be found in the sfb control panel.

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after following the guide my sfb front end servers are visibile but the pool watchers are in a critical state and Ive no idea how to fix... any clues?


Hi Neil.

I haven’t any experience of S4B server, though, are you able to describe the issue in more detail?

Does the command error? Do you have any output? Does anything happen that would give us a clue as to what’s going wrong?


Could you post a new answer with details on how you solved the issue? It would then be a great reference for anyone else!