Shortcut for monitoring Windows services in SCOM

I have loads of Windows services I want to monitor but if I use the add monitoring wizard in SCOM I’ll be here all day creating them. Anyone know of a faster way or am I going to be working late again!?

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What I would do is create one, and save it to a new Management Pack. I would then export the MP and edit the XML file (using Notepad ++ or similar), copying and pasting the relevant parts. I would then do a search and replace for the service name.

Then re-import the MP and Test.

You need to know a little bit about the XML structure of the MPs but it is fairly intuitive. (Hell - I figured it out!).


Hahaha! You’ll probably still be working late any way but there’s a community MP that has been created which should be able to help you with this :wink:

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