show enumeration displayname


Is there any way to show the displayname of the enumeration set in SCOM?


This shows the internal name and not the actual displayname as it should for enums:

<EnumerationValue ID="System.ServiceManagement.ServiceStatus.InService" Accessibility="Public" Parent="System!System.ServiceManagement.ServiceStatus" />
<DisplayString ElementID="System.ServiceManagement.ServiceStatus.InService">
<Name>In Service</Name>
I have tried appending with .displayname and .DisplayName but then it just shows nothing :/


Squared Up doesn’t receive anything involving display names when it comes to properties - which is why on the monitored entity view you see the internal system names from the MP rather than their display names too.

As a workaround, you can just type a display name for each of the objects using an if statement. More info in this post:

ouch, sad face :confused:

It’s just an extra join to the displayname table. Would be a nice feature. Ok thanks

The Application classes that SquaredUp uses are all abstract, so can’t even extend with extra string properties. I could make a relationship to another CI class, but then I’d have to show the properties for that relationship.

This makes it pretty hard to define anything custom on a squaredup application as far as I can see.