Show more than 30 days of data in Azure Monitor

Does anyone know if it’s possible to view more than 30 days worth of Metric data in Azure Monitor (in the portal)?

The docs seem to indicate that metric data is retained for 93 days (, but when creating graphs in the portal, I can only seem to see 30 days worth?

It looks like the same is true for querying via the API - even when sending a longer timeframe, only 30 days is returned.

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After raising a ticket with Microsoft it turns out the API only ever returns a maximum of 30 days worth of data - regardless of what you ask for.

To get 90 days worth of data, you’d need to make a series of 3 requests each with a 30-day timeframe, e.g. if you want data for 1st January 2019 - 31st March 2019 you’d make the following requests:

  • 1st January - 31st January
  • 1st February - 28th February
  • 1st March - 31st March
And then stitch the data that comes back together.

Are you able to show us the query your using? That should help us to figure out what’s missing! Thanks :slight_smile: