Show URL in class property as hyperlink


we have a URL (UNC path to htm doc, but I assume it is the same for http) in some class properties and within the Operations Console they show up as clickable hyperlink.

In the dashboards, however, they are just shown as plain text.

Is there a way to change that?

Thanks in advance,


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Hi Patrick

Use a custom label on a status tile!

<a href=”{{mypropertyhere}}”>{{mypropertyhere}}</a>

That’ll link off to your properties URL. More info on Custom labels:

// Following additional info below //

Create a new perspective and add a HTML tile, ensure you select URL from the content settings. Use the property in mustaches, as mentioned above: I’ve used {{displayName}} as we don’t have a property with a URL:

You can also create a clickable – Just choose HTML in the content instead, using the same steps above:

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Perhaps it could be a feature that will be available when they fix the SQL-plugin to have clickable URL?

yeah, that is possible; voted and cross-referenced.

thanks. Unfortunately that is not what I am searching for. I’d like to have the URL as hyperlink in the properties of the Monitored Entity tab.

Or, even better: show the page/file behind that address from the property in a webpage tile… (in a perspective)

Any chance?

Thx, Patrick

Editing the core perspectives isn’t advisable, especially ones that are displayed for all objects (target = object). You can however easily create a new tile on a perspective that maps to this property and displays the page listed in that property. I’ve added to the answer above.