Showing the status of clusters and nodes in one Dashboard



Is it possible to create a dashboard where I can show all windows clusters and their nodes on one page? My idea is that it shows you the status and the name of the cluster and directly below the status and name of the nodes which are configured.

I tried to create a dashboard with the group “Windows Clusters” and the class “Cluster Node”. But in this way it shows only the nodes, perhaps it is possible to use the filter (criteria)…?

Or do I have to create a new group with all cluster names AND cluster nodes?

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This is a bit tricky. What you could do do is to create a perspective then you would see the status of the cluster and then under members you would see the nodes. But I guess that you want the status of the cluster and the nodes on the same view.

I would create a dashboard where I have the status of the cluster on one tile and then make another tile under it where you show the nodes.

Like this: