Sign up (Azure DevOps) fails

When I try to sign up with my corporate MS account, it fails. A popup tells me that I need admin access.
I have admin access to Azure DevOps. What’s wrong?

Welcome to the community OlafZ! When you attempt to sign up, are you getting a message saying “…needs permission to access resources in your organization that only an admin can grant”? (If you can provide a screenshot of the error we can confirm for certain)

If so, I’m afraid it’s possible that your organization admin has restricted the ability for users to provide consent to third-party applications to acquire user information. In this instance, our application only needs to be able to read your email address.

My suggestion/s in this instance would be:

  • Check with your organization administrator that they are happy for you to sign into third party applications (you can explain to them that we only require consent to read your email address!)
  • Use an alternative means of signing up - a personal Microsoft account or simply an email and password can be used to sign up too!
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Hi OldBen,

yes, it is the “…needs permission to access resources in your organization that only an admin can grant ” thing. Which is funny because I am an Azure Devops Admin (but not an Azure Cloud Admin). Third party apps are allowed.

Thanks Olaf. I’m afraid this is something you’ll have to get your global administrator or similar role to configure for you, as sounds like they have locked everything down quite tightly! The steps are outlined here.

But remember, this account is only used for sign up - even if you use a personal Microsoft account or even a personal email & password to sign up, you’ll still be able to set up connections to your organization’s data (with the right credentials once you’re in the app!)

Also, if it helps (perhaps to convince your organization admin), here is what our app requests in terms of user consent when signing up. As you can see, we do not require access to any sensitive information beyond your name and email address to allow us to identify you when you sign in.

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