Simple ICMP monitoring

How can I set up a up/down monitor using only ICMP response time statistics? I am trying to monitor an external IP Address so no SNMP. The IP Address is added as an ICMPONLY network device in SCOM

yeah, check out the free Ping management pack from OpsLogix

Thank you for quick reply, Tao Yang. I tried importing in 3.2, but it fails with 'there is no manifest in this file'. Was it not created for 2.0?

Does the MP require a separate MP in SCOM? I was looking for a way to just display the Average Response Time provided in the Network Node Dashboard in SCOM. I am not a SCOM Manager, so I cannot import new SCOM MPs.


The MP that Tao pointed you towards ( is a SCOM management pack that will allow you to create ping checks to and from specific end points.

It sounds as though you have downloaded a dashboard for version 2 of Squared Up – Version 2 uses .xml dashboards, whereas version 3 uses .json, meaning they are not compatible with each other.

From what you have said, you simply need to create a new performance tile with the node as the scope, and the metric as Response Time (ms). Let us know if you need more info

yeah, check out the free Ping management pack from OpsLogix

That is exactly it! I was looking for the Response Time (ms) metric but couldn’t find it. I was using the ICMP IP object instead of the Host object. Switched and I was able to find the metric. Thanks alot!

Not a problem - Anytime!