Sizing Alert Symbols? for NOC screen

Is it possible to change the sizing of the Alert icons on the below dashboard? We have it running on quite a 42" NOC screen and the icons are very small. Any ideas?


There’s no way to configure the size of the icons that I’m aware of.

Zoom in the browser perhaps?


I guess the other way would be to embed in SharePoint and resize the web-page webpart hoping it would resize the dashboard.

best creating a visio dashboard for this.

attach the scom objects to the visio shape, save as a scalable vector graphic.

something like this would work on the big screen …



Sorry to post this an answer, following on from what neilhallyburton has said you are able change the size of the alert icons when you import the Visio diagram into SquaredUp.

In the behaviour if you leave the selection on Icon you should be able to choose the placement and the size of the icon:-



Hope this helps,


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That’s rather dirty :stuck_out_tongue:

Visio is the best looking method and you can control the full look and feel of the diagram.

This is the best method for a clean dashboard - Much nicer than just a status section too.

On your sample dashboard above, zooming would also make the text and graph a lot more readable too. The Squared Up UI will automatically wrap and resize as appropriate so it’ll happily use all the empty space at the bottom of the screen.

Indeed, it’s pretty flexible on mobile devices because of this. All fancy HTML5 stuff I guess :wink:


Color replace is my go to though :wink:

Same makes it look a lot cleaner