Sizing up of Squared Up server and other Installation considerations

I know sizing calculators are often unreliable, but can anyone give me some real-world guidance on sizing their Squared Up server?

My SCOM management group has about 1500 agents. What considerations should I take into account? I’m thinking an 8GB, 4 core VM for Squared Up. Is that enough?

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We’ve got an article with some guidelines on sizing here. For an MG with around 1500 agents we would suggest the following, so you’re pretty much spot on although you may want to consider provisioning a second instance for failover or load balancing.

Squared Up Users: 10 – 100
Servers monitored by SCOM: 1000 – 5000
CPU: 4 cores
Memory: 7 GB
Azure Equivalent: A3
Load Balanced Instances: 2