SLA criteria?

I have created a SLA tile. I’m trying to make a criteria that ONLY shows SLA for those groups which SLA is not good:


I can not create search criteria that can fix this task like HealthState = 2. It does not work for SLA tile:

I have tried with this filter but it does not work - it also showsa healthy SLAs:

HealthState = 2 or HealthState = 3

How do I filter only groups where SLA is below target?


I was able to filter out the healthy ones using HealthState = 2.

How did you configure the SLT in SCOM so maybe I can try to reproduce that?

I have created a group holding all servers in 25 groups. The group is being monitored by SCOM to show health state. When I filter on the group I experience the issue:

So you’ve created a group with 25 subgroups in it?

I just tried adding a couple of subgroups in a group and seemed to work ok for me.

FYI: this feature is not supported in SquaredUp. It will properly be implemented in future version.

Yes I have created a group which holds all enviroments. All enviroments contains servers. Whats the difference between your and mine group? Pls show your group.