SolarWinds MP -Impact on the SCOM database

I am looking a the SolarWinds MP written by Ruben Zimmermann with great interest and can’t wait to try it out. -The only concern I have is that what is the impact of bringing in all of that data into a SCOM environment? My Solarwinds environment has several thousand network devices. Is there a way to select which device data to bring in?

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Hi Wilson,

there is a need to customize the discovery scripts so that they fit your environment :slight_smile:

I defined 6 different classes: Switch, CoreSwitch, ArubaController,Router,Firewall, OtherDevice. Depending on the naming the devices will be created as objects in SCOM. - It is up to you which ones you use.

E.g. I use SW for a Switch, GW for router (gateway), etc.

Use SWQL studio from Solarwinds to find the name. I picked NodeCaption: GitHub - solarwinds/OrionSDK: SDK for the SolarWinds Orion platform, including tools, documentation, and samples in PowerShell, C#, Go, Perl, and Java.

Presently the modification needs to be made in the PowerShell script for discovery and monitoring. If I have time will make them easier accessible.

Please let me know if you need further instructions. I am happy to help. :slight_smile:

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By now the sad answer is yes. – You would need to change the queries in the scripts:
DiscoverNPMNodes.ps1 and MonitorNPMNodes.ps1. You will find them in a folder on the ‘monitoringServer’ which have you selected to query the devices.

Let me know if you need further support to get it running first …


… in the meanwhile I will start investigating how I can improve and let you know here ?

Ah ok. So if I wanted to be even more granular with my discoveries and pick only certain network devices to discover, would I simply hardcode those names into the discovery script?