Solarwinds NPM MP not discovering

I installed the Solarwinds MP for integration of NPM health into SCOM, i have set up the registry on a server and can see the discovery running and logging into the event log but no Nodes are being discovered, i can confirm that i have run the solarwinds script that is run against information services manually with the account and got the desired result.

Hi David,


I guess it can’t create the objects in SCOM as the nodes in NPM do not match the required pattern. - E.g. A switch must contain ‘sw’ in the name, a router either ‘gw’ or ‘vpn’.

Could yous sent me the query result of this via email?:


You can reach me under mail AT



Is there any run as configuration required? Not used the MP, or Solarwinds, but throwing stones :wink:

Nope don’t think so that is all covered in the Registry setup on the monitoring server

Dang - Sorry I can’t be of more use :frowning:

Hi Ruben,

thanks for getting involved but i’ve actually managed to sort this over the weekend,

the issue was due to SCOM running the PS script in PS v2 and because of this the Invoke-RestMethod wasn’t working,

so i have just mod’d the script to run this particular section inside a separate powershell session and out put the information back into $npmQryRsp so it can continue to be used as intendend