"spread initialization" for agent configuration changes


You all prpably know that agents frequently check for configuration changes – event 21024. Is there a way to spread this over a litte time span? We see quite a large spike in Write Activity on Our SAN when agents are Processing New configuration (overrides etc setting large Groups in maintance is the same).

Of course we could implement a strict change management procedure for doing overrides or importing a New MP, but we need to get Things done as well ?

Tips and trics appreciated




How large is your environment? What are the counts of what you are monitoring.


Hi Mike. We have around 2500 servers monitored. A fair bit of custom management packs are in use and we also run, Exchange 2010 and 2013, lync and skype MP’s. In total we have 250 MP’s in Production.

Looking at raw data we have 160k Objects monitored With 6500 monitors - don’t know if that answers Your question?