Sqaured up access

Is there any workaround to manage Permission far from SCOM server in V4 ?

Hi Mohamed,

what’s the exact issue you are facing?

Please give more descriptions and specifics.


Hi Ruben ,

Can I manage the users profiles from SQUARED UP v4 directly without grant them access to SCOM group ?

for example handle permission of viewing navigation bar , system, …etc

You might be able to look team folders to do some of what you are looking to do. I think the one important thing most people miss about Squared Up i to think of it as a HTML5 front end to SCOM so the best place to manage access is at the SCOM level. Now that said you can control access to dashboards via team folders but the users would still need access to the servers in SCOM read access to the objects be all that is required to view data.