SQL Clustered Database Engines Un-Discovering

Currently have an issue with SQL Management packs (v7.0.7.0).

All of our Clustered SQL Database Engines discover fine but then un-discover themselves over the course of an hour or 2.

Only happening with clustered db engines all versions 2008/2012 & 2016, stand alone ones are completely unaffected!

We currently have a case open with Microsoft, but after 10 hours of work they don’t have any idea what is causing it.

Has anyone else seen this?

Yeah, been through the logs, ran procmon to get the command lines and ran them manually.

Issue is they discover fine, just in-discover over 30-60 minutes.

I have a call open with MS just wondered if anyone else had seen the same!

Turns out it was an old 3rd party Windows Server Addendum Management Pack that was interfering with the discovery! I remove that and SQL Cluster Discovery started working again!

Can you see any errors related to SQL MPs in the OpsMan log on cluster nodes?

OK, I see. Let me know, please, what they found.

Did you manage to resolve this with MS?