sql metrics not showing in perfromance tab for sql version agnostic mp


I have transitioned to sql version agnostic mp and we are not able to see sql related metrics in the performance tab, but with the old sql mp we are able to see the metrics?

Can anyone gone through this scenario?

How long ago did you change over?

Have you removed the old MPs?

The new one won’t have any historical data if you’ve just put it in

Yes,i know that one …That is all ok…But the current sal metrics not showing in the performance tab…

This has been changed a week ago…

Hi Santosh,

The old SQL MP used to be based on Windows Computer class, which it doesn’t anymore in the new MP. So I won’t be surprised if the SQL counters don’t show up under the Windows server performance tab anymore. You will have to create a new perspective scoped specifically to the new SQL classes.

Hi Badger,

Understood, but when you look at the performance view of windows computer folder in scom console,then there are all metrics available including new SQL mp metrics as well.

Hi Santosh. Good observation.

I’m almost entirely positive this is not a SquaredUp problem, SquaredUp only displays what it finds on the class it’s scoped on. And I think the fact that you’ve observed this behavior after transitioning to the new MP obviously indicates something has changed with the way the new MP is written.

Is it possible for you to raise a ticket with Microsoft? I’d love to hear what they have to say on this!