SQL Query MP


Has anyone experience with the SQL Query MP. I did some testing with a count query that returns values around 58 and set the monitor at ‘greater than 55’. I do the monitoring every 5 minutes and will give an alert by 2 samples. The monitor stays on the OK status. I need to do a recalculate to get this in error and after a refresh health it stays on OK.

Has anyone a solution for that?



Hi Luc,

I am familiar with the issue but I’m not sure about the root cause. From my own experience, it does not work very good on windows servers 2003, although, I am assuming that the problem exists when the SQL instance is hosted on Virtual Server.

It will appreciate if you could open a case in GitHub project site with the description of your environment.



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Hi Zvi,

I will do that tomorrow on GitHub. All our servers are VM’s but the most are windows server 2012 or 2016. I had a question for implementing this kind of monitoring with a lot of queries for a specific application.

Kind regards,