SQL Query while using Donuts

I am trying to figure out how or what is being used/targeted when using the Donuts view.

For example, I want to create a dashboard to only show Logical Disk Free Space for All Windows Servers except SQL Servers.
(I will use the theory from here to create another view for Disks for SQL Servers)

In SCOPE: what do I choose “list” “group” advanced ?

What class do I use?

Criteria : I am using “Name LIKE '%Logical Disk Free Space%”

Also, can anyone tell me what is the Database Table the above Statement is running against?

It is only a WHERE statement so can someone fill in the blanks for me if i wanted to see this result in a SQL Mgmt Studio, what Table should I use, what would my SELECT statement look like?

(I am not experienced in Databases.)


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Hi Saiyad,

From what I’m aware the Donut tile is currently only available for certain categories (Alerts and Status).

You’re wanting to look at the last value returned from Performance counters so I think you can only get at this data via the performance tile (for which the donut is not available). A heatmap performance tile may be close enough to what you want to get this job done though.

The scope would be up to you really, but a list of individual servers, a group containing servers, or a class such as ‘Windows Server 2016 and 1709+ Computer’. You can then select the LogicalDisk - % Free Space metric.

For the SQL query I’d take a look at SCOM SQL queries - Kevin Holman's Blog there are some queries around the performance section there. I’ve also had SQL type people help me out with SQL Profile traces in the past, so maybe you can find a friendly DBA to help you isolate a query using that?





I see that my question is a little ambiguous. What i meant was that I want to use the Donuts dashboard to show the Number of servers that have breached a Warning/Critical Threshold for Disk monitor.
To be clear, i am not looking for performance data for the disks.
Just to show that there are servers breaching disks thresholds or Number of servers that have gone off line.

Now - i have managed to get these to show up on the Donuts dashboard by not entering anything in the Group and Class, see the image below.

But my question still remains…what Table is this query running against?
How do i write a proper SQL query in the SQL Mgmt Studio to get this same Data to show up?

this is the WHERE statement “Name LIKE ‘%Logical Disk Free Space%”, what do i need to put in the SELECT statement and the rest of the query?