SQL Tiles failing after 3.4.1 Upgrade


I’m getting the following error on all SQL tiles following the 3.4.1 update:

Failed to select fields from a signed JSON request. This endpoint only accepts requests which have been authenticated (signed) by the server

I have run an IIS reset and rebooted the server but I’m still getting the same error.

Even a new tile with the example data warehouse query suffers from this.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Probably best to contact support on this one as 3.4.1 has only just been released - It’s possible that it’s an unknown bug…

I have just been informed by support that this is a bug in 3.4.1 and have been advised to roll back to 3.4.0

Great support as always.

Did they give a timeline for a new version that will fix the bug?

No, looks like they rolled back the latest available version to the 3.4 RC as well.