SQL Version Agnostic MP

I am about to upgrade my SQL management pack to the version. Has anyone tried this yet I am curious what will happen to the SQL perspectives when I do this will I need too update them in anyway?

If you have any experience of the bonkers new classes in the 2017 MP it is essentially the same as that.

• SQL Server 2016 DB Engine
• SQL Server 2012 DB Engine
• SQL Server 2008 DB Engine

• SQL Server 2016 DB
• SQL Server 2012 DB
• SQL Server 2008 DB


• MSSQL on Windows: Local DB Engine
• MSSQL on Windows: DB Engine
• MSSQL on Windows: Local DB



So while I have not tried it in v4 you can imagine it will all stop things working with perspectives

I opened a ticket with support and their advice was not to install the new MP at this time. It will break dashboards as well as VADA. The reason being that this is a brand new MP and not an upgrade so it changes everything on the SCOM side from object type to counters so Squared UP is not referencing the correct objects. That was the answer I was expecting as I read the manual for the MP. Now that said this is the only SQL MP that MS is supporting going forward and it was released end of April so I am hoping we see an update from Squared UP soon that addresses the issues and then we can move forward with the new install. I have a new SCOM install going on and would love to convert over to it but we are using VADA so converting at this time is not a good idea for us.

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Maybe this is old news, but Kevin Holman posted a blog on how to transition from old SQL MP to the new SQL MP…

How to transition to the SQL Version Agnostic MP


I haven’t tried it yet but from what I read there is a new class for all the current versions so anything scoped by class would be affected i’m guessing but i’ll be interested to hear more from someone actually hands on with it :slight_smile:

I should probably add - if you put it in and remove all the old MPs it will have an effect on everything that is scoped or overridden using the old classes - so you want to plan that

They do offer updated versions of the old MPs I think that essentially mark things as ‘old’ so they can work side by side but not tried these

However, moving forward it will make things vastly simpler - a single monitor for Buffer hit cache ratio to override - instead of one per version and views per version - it had got a bit messy

I haven’t seen a dashboard pack for the 2017+ MPs unfortunately. We’re a little behind the curve with our SQL estate and haven’t upgraded anything yet :frowning: It’s likely that you’ll need to find the 2016 dashboards and perspectives, clone them, and update the scoping for the new classes for the perspective and tile scopes.

Can we make them? how do we do that?

It will only ‘break’ dashboards if you remove the old ones totally - there is ‘new old’ ones that can sit along side the ‘new new’ one while you migrate over

It is not that hard with the info I have provided to re-point dashboards to the correct objects in any case

I have just made new version agnostic perspectives for SQL server, SQL DB, SQL Engine in the last couple of hours - which I can share

We have a new environment being built - what is the impact on VADA?

@jelly the new SQL MP is version agnostic - so you don’t need a new version of SQL to use it / test it / try it