Squared Up dashboard causes 100% cpu spike on OpsMgr DB SQL server??

I have a dashboard that searches for criteria contained in alerts related to event id catch rules. In the past (last month) this has worked perfectly and fairly quickly. The last week though I’ve noticed it just stalls completely. Late Friday we noticed that the SQL server that houses the main OpsMgr DB (not DW) spikes to 100% when you click on this dashboard. The DBA checked SQL and there are no waits or select statements even working at this time but sure enough the cpu is 100% on that server due to SQL. Has anyone noticed this before? I didn’t think Squared Up even does anything against the main OpsMgr DB and strictly DW. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


ahh very interesting. Thanks for the info. Here is the dashboard that is causing the SQL server to go nuts...

Event if I add one of these tiles to a blank dashboard to have just one to load the cpu spikes.

For clarity, Squared Up pulls Alerts and Health states from the OpsDB via the SDK. It taps directly into the OpsDW for perf data. I’ve not seen any noticeable changes of late. Hopefully, someone else has an idea as to what’s going on :slight_smile: