Squaredup Access


How can we provide access to SqauredUp in V3. I am not querying about the open access but the general adminitsrative access. Please guide.


Daya Ram

Hi Daya,

This article explains user access to Squared Up:


Essentially a SCOM admin is automatically a Squared Up admin.

However, you no longer need to assign a user SCOM admin rights to make users admins of Squared Up due to the granular permissions that are now available as per the following article:




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How I have done it on my estate:-

  1. Created AD groups relevant to the information I want them to do i.e first line
  2. Created a new Read-Only Operator within the SCOM Management console, and then restricted their permissions to those that are relevant
  3. Created a new profile within SquaredUp and then added the First Line group.
The above will grant access to SquaredUp. I think as best practise though you should tailor the navigation bar; take note that if dashboards are visible to the Default profile; then they will be visible to everyone.

This just further summarises what Jelly has already put so take this and alter to suit your own needs.

Hope this helps,


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Spot on - Good response Chris :slight_smile:

Granular controls in the later versions is really useful :slight_smile: