SquaredUp Dashboard Utilization Metrics

I’m wondzring if there are some SquaredUp Dashboard bundles to show some informations/metrics about SquaredUp usage, like for example :

  • Most used dashboards/views
  • Named Users usage (this can help for auditing purposes and release a license for people who do not use SquaredUp)
  • etc…

Any ideas or workarounds are welcome !

Hi Yannick,

I have a similar item on my to-do list. My thoughts so far:

  • Enabling IIS logging
  • Using PowerShell to parse the log files ( CSV so should not be complicated )
  • Using the new PowerShell Tile to graph the utilization


  • Enabling IIS logging
  • Sending logs to a log analytics workplace
  • Writing some KQL to get the usage statistics
  • Displaying them in SquaredUp with the log analytics tile.

Last; no idea if it still works with current verision: Google Analytics for Intranets:

Would be cool if you could share when you get something useful :slight_smile:


that’s a great idea @rubenz ! We actually have IIS Logs enabled already. and all the needed information are available .

Let me see how to get this done and prepare a Dashboard


Please share once/if you’ve done this! Interesting add. Actually should be a feature request :smiley:

If it helps, the last section of this blog post has some information about getting user details out of the SquaredUp log using Logs/KQL. I guess the query will need to be modified to get what you need. Although thinking about it, IIS logs would probably be a better option to get users and dashboard views as the SquaredUp log would need to be in debug mode for that information.

We started something :grin:

We created a scheduled task that gets the IIS logs for SquaredUp and stored the data in an OnPrem SQL Database.

To populate the SQL Table we used LogParser + PowerShell.

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This looks interesting! Would you like to share your solution?