SquaredUp DS & Intune

Going to seem like a very vague question and I apologize. We are moving to Microsoft Intune for device management. Been told that “reporting” out of Intune stinks and can only be done with PowerBI.

Was wondering if anyone has attempted any dashboarding/reporting for Intune using SquaredUp DS?

Hi @scottbanyas, Not a direct answer exactly but this is something we are planning to work on with the Microsoft data source in SquaredUp Cloud very soon - what specifically are you interested in seeing on a dashboard? I can feed your requirements into engineering for when the work starts.

cheers, Bruce (SQUP Product team)

Hi @scottbanyas ,

Squaredup DS and also SquaredUp Cloud offer a universal plugin to integrate queries to Log Analytics Workspaces.

Within Intune you would need to enable that logs are been forwarded to a Log Analytics Workspace within your Azure subscription.

After that is done you can simply paste your queries and share the Dashboards with all your stakeholders :slight_smile:

SquaredUp DS:

SquaredUp Cloud:

You can find some useful quieries in https://www.kqlsearch.com/ and sure in the world wide web, too.

Hope that helps

Best regards