Squaredup installation fails to authenticate to 2012 R2 SCOM management server

Hi, when installing Squaredup for the first time we are getting authentication failed for the windows credentials used for the connection to the SCOM 2012 R2 management server.

The user that we use is a SCOM admin user, but I would like to mention that the Squaredup server is in the domain ABC while the SCOM management server is in the XYZ. We are using the XYZ domain SCOM admin user for the IIS installation of Squared up.

Do we need both Squaredup and SCOM servers to be in the same domain? The reason why we put them in different domains is that we would like Squaredup user to authenticate at the ABC domain.

If someone can help, many Thanks in advance!

The SCOM and Squared Up servers should be in the same domain.