Squaredup SCOM edition and plugins


Are plugins (special interest: grafana) availlable in de SCOM Edition?

Kind regards
Christophe De Batselier

SCOM Edition has integration tiles (Web API, PowerShell, SQL) that will allow you to connect to almost any data source. In a number of cases, these require a fair amount of work to get set up to display data in SCOM Edition, with a requirement to write the queries yourself.

SquaredUp, however, uses Plugins that are essentially pre-built and can display data from the data source without a huge need to create queries yourself (i.e. UI driven dashboarding).

With that being said, if you want the ease of a Plugin from SquaredUp alongside your SCOM data, then EAM-X is for perfect for you. It allows you to use SquaredUp to connect to your data sources, create monitoring, and then share the health you define into SCOM Edition via a management pack. You can also easily link back to SquaredUp to evaluate the data in more depth.

More info here: EAM-X - SquaredUp DS

If you’d like to learn more, please reach out to your account exec and we can get a demo set up.