SquaredUp site works on "lolcalhost", but doesn't with FQDN

Hi Guys,

The Default Web Site (IIS) hosting SquaredUp in one of the environments I am managing behaves very odd. When I navigate to the site:


it works just fine, but when i replace the hostname with the FQDN of the server, then the page shows blank (the SquaredUp logo is still visible):

All the SquaredUp installations are done the exact same way, only this one is affcted. I compared the most important IIS settings and they are the same as in all other environments. DNS is working fine, FQDN is being resolved.

Any ideas what I might be missing?



did you check firewall setting make sure that port 80 or 443 if your doing https is open and available

Hi Stoyan,

how about bindings? Something strange in there?

Kind regards


Hi Ruben,

thanks for the hint. Unfortunatelly this was the first thing I checked.
It is really very odd, will wait a couple of more days and most probably reinstall afterwards, depending on whther I have time to troubleshoot this or not.



Hi Rick,

the questions is if this is worth checking when the issue affects only the server Squared Up is installed on (locally). Sorry, my bad, forgot to mention this: there is no problem accessing the web page over FQDN from all other servers/clients withing the domain,