SquaredUp - Speed of link between Network devices

Hello Gents,

I have following problem/issue.

I need to display current bandwith between two network devices.
Let’s say I have two switchs and they are both connected through port 26.

Is there a way how to display speed of that port26 on dashboard in SquaredUp in Visio type?

For example, something like this.


Thank you,

Hey Vaclav,

You’re saying you want to basically map the live values of NW speed metric into a Visio diagram? TBH I don’t think it’s possible unfortunately. You can only map in object IDs from SCOM in the Visio tile in SqUp.


yes, as you explained, I need to map live values of speed metric in Visio diagram.

Well, is there any other option then?

Or maybe I don’t need to map values in diagram but let say that if bandwith will cross certain percentage of use, the link beetwen device will turn red.

Would be this possible?

Thank you,

Reasonably sure the links created between servers when you map them in EA are for connectivity checks (up/down) that are auto-created so no way of changing it to a different monitor. May want to ask SquaredUp support once if that’s true.