SquaredUp to read from a CMDB

During my installation, the Data Warehouse is detected automatically when a SquaredUp instance is successfully connected to a SCOM manager.
Is it possible to configure SquaredUp to read from a CMDB which has consolidated all the data from multiple SCOM managers instead? It would be good if i can use just one instance of SquaredUp to display everything from all my SCOM managers.

Any help/suggestion is appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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Squared Up integrates with a single SCOM Management Group at a time, this is important for authentication/RBAC for example.

While it is possible to pull data from other MS SQL databases directly (i.e. your other SCOM Data Warehouse databases) via the SQL tile this only shows Scalar or Tabular data.

It is possible to achieve a multi Management Group view by embedding Open Access dashboards from your separate Squared Up instances/SCOM Management Groups in a single dashboard but this is more of a workaround. You would still need separate Squared Up licenses for each Management Group and you would need to drilldown into the relevant Squared Up instance to have full interactive access to the data.

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I see… Guess I’ll have to embed them then… Thanks for the detailed explanation!