SquaredUpV3 VADA Manual entries

Is it possible to manually add machines to a VADA view? We’re using F5 load balancers between tiers, so (for example) a connection between a web server and an application server shows the endpoint as the VIP for an F5 pool rather than the actual application server it’s talking to.

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You can do this, but it’s a little bit round-about. You’ll want to use VADA to build as much of the application as you can discover using the tool, then save the topology as a Distributed application.

Once done, you can import the resultant management pack into SCOM and edit the DA using the SCOM console. Insert a component group for each missing machine, and add the machine to the relevant group. Finally, click the “Create Relationship” button and create a relationship between the machine’s component group and the load balancer (or the tier it communicates with, your choice).

Once you’ve made the changes you need, save the DA and check it’s “Topology” perspective in SquaredUp - it should now include the correct links and can either be displayed directly, or a dashboard can be created back in the “discovery” tab.


@jpurdy - Maybe what you want is at the bottom of a Group in the “App Discovery” tab or on a topology dashboard is a roll-over “add a monitored object” box. You can just search for an object to manually add this way. … in SquaredUp v3.1.3 anyway.

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For some reason this didn’t work for me.
All I wanted to do was manually add extra Windows Computers into a topology dashboard that VADA had discovered.
Here are the steps I used:

  1. I used VADA to build as much of the application as I could.
  2. Saved the topology as a dashboard. Then saved it as a Distributed Application (DA) Management Pack(MP).
  3. Imported the MP into SCOM 2012 R2.
  4. Edited the DA and inserted the missing servers into the component group that contained the servers built in VADA. The missing servers are the same object type (Windows Computer) as those built by VADA.
  5. Saved the DA.

Waited … and waited some more… but the new servers did not appear back in the Topology Dashboard.

This is a new feature available in Squared Up v3.1 (which this question predates) this is now definitely the way to go.

Just to clarify, the topology dashboard you created in step 2 wouldn’t update when the DA was updated - you’d need to view the “Topology” perspective on the DA object to see changes here. Though as you note in your answer below, this technique is no longer required :slight_smile: