State and Alert Scopes Criteria and Dashboards?

I want to be able to scope an alert view or a state view in SquaredUp to a single object of a class or in a group.

In this case, it is a single SharePoint Farm. This presents a unique challenge, because we have Development, Test, and Production farms, which all share the same name in SCOM (i.e. Project_Config), but I want to build a dashboard that contains objects related ONLY to the production farm.

So, using the criteria guidance, I tried using the group “Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Farm Group” and a criteria of id=’<scomid of farm I want>’, but this doesn’t work, although the criteria usage docs indicate it would.

I then tried it with the class “SharePoint Farm”, and still nothing.


Any ideas?

Searching for objects can be difficult when they have the same name, as Squared Up only returns eight objects, and prioritizes computer objects. There are some ways around this though.

You can use a simple list scope, then drop down to the json to add in the ID. You can gain the ID from PowerShell

Get-scomclass -displayname "Class" | get-scomclassinstance | where { $_.DisplayName -eq "name" } | fl *
Or from viewing the object in SCOM and taking its ID from the URL. Example:


Once you have the ID, create your new tile, select list as the scope and enter a random object. Then open the json editor for the tile and find the scope:

Then replace the ID with your required ID and hit apply changes:

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Excellent solution, thanks very much!