State of all Instances of a Class with special Criteria

We have a Class in SCOM named “URL.Class”. In this Class their is a property ‘Name’.
No I want to List all URLs with the Name “TEST*”.
But if I put in the field criteria “Name LIKE ‘TEST%’” nothing is shown. Because Name is a key-property ( How to use criteria when scoping objects – Dashboard Server SCOM Edition (

In (Sub)Label it is possible to show this property with {{}}.

Is this also possible in criteria?


You’re going to have to play with the case. The link you put states that it is case sensitive and unfortunately the case you actually have in the xml is NOT the “correct” case (I have seen this with MPs I have coded). So definite trial & error till you find it…

Other workaround is to create a dynamic group in SCOM and then use that group to scope it instead…

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Criteria uses camelCase which would look like this:


So try:

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