Status Block Tiles for Agents with Heartbeat Failures

Ok, this is kicking my behind; is anyone using Status Block Tiles to show Agents with HB failures? I can narrow them down to Agents with HealthState = 3, but that just shows unhealthy agents. We’re monitoring 3000+ systems, so we’re going to have unhealthy agents, so we just want to narrow it down to availability issues vs. performance & security.


Currently I’ve got

Class: Health Service Watcher (tried HSW (Agent) tried Agent)

Criteria: HealthState = 3

…that shows me every unhealthy HSW, etc

Then I try things like…

Name LIKE ‘%Heartbeat%’

And that yield nothing. I’ve got an Alerts view that shows me what I want, and I understand why Name LIKE works because that’s the name of the alert. I’m just flopping around trying to McGyver a way to show the same thing but through the Status.


How about if you create a group of Health Service Watchers, and then use Scope-Advanced-Your Group, Criteria-HealthState=3?


I’ve tried to do something like this before myself but I concluded that this wont be possible within Squared Up. The criteria available to you when defining the scope of a tile come exclusively from the properties of the object(s) in scope in the context of the tile you’re using. If you’re scoping a status tile to the health service watchers class, the status of health service watchers is pretty much your ball park :slight_smile:

The word “heartbeat” is only found in the title of an alert, and while it’s affecting the state of your watchers, it’s not a part of the properties of the object the alert is raised against. As you mentioned, doing this in the alerts tile is easy as you’re scoping to alerts and can therefor filter by their properties i.e. the word “heartbeat” in the Name field.

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